Campus France

Non-European students have to verify on the Campus France website which procedure is required to get a student visa. The procedure depends on the student’s citizenship, his/her residence country and his/her educational plan in France.

Incoming mobility scholarship at Université Paris-Saclay

One-academic-year scholarships can be awarded to non French students. The fixed amount of the allocation covers the tuition, lodging and subsistence. All information is posted on the webpage :  Incoming mobility scholarships UPSay. The application for a scholarship belongs to a multiple-step process. (1) The student is invited to download his file onto this present website or the University application website , (2) the seletion board will make the decision to admit the applicant in the master programme . Among the set of admitted students, the board can propose to 7 students at maximum to apply for a scholarship within a master class. (2) Each admitted student will be informed by email of his admission. Among these students, a few will receive a specific email to invite them to applyf for a schloarship totgether with the procedure to be followed. (3) Applications for theses scholarships will have to be downloaded on the university website May 13 2019 (midnight). A specifif board will slect the best files to ward them a shcolarship. The winners will be informed by one of the master class coordinators.

This means that the applicant has to register and download his file on the university platform at least two weeks prior to this date, to give time to the selection board to take his decision.