With a Bachelor degree, a student may attend a Master’s programme, lasting four semesters.
The first two semesters, labelled M1, are specific to each University or “Grande école”. To view the programmes, consult the web site that matches your teaching site.
The M2 “Large facilities” is a second-year track of the “Physics” thematics of University Paris-Saclay.
The two semesters which compose the M2 year are each credited with 30 ECTS for a total of 60 ECTS. They are organized as follows:

Month Activity ECTS credits
Mid-September Students’ gathering
2 days in Cadarache + 1 day in Bordeaux
+ 1 day in Cadarache/Bordeaux/Paris to attend the oral defence of the internship by the previous class of students just completing their curriculum
to mid-February
on campus of University of Paris-Saclay
to mid-March
Teaching near the large facilities
Students’ gathering according to their personal choice:

Tokamaks : Cadarache

Lasers : Bordeaux

Accelerators : Geneva

to end of August
Research training 21
Mid-September Oral defence completing the internship
of the students of the graduating year