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With the construction of large fusion facilities on its soil, France becomes a world center on thermonuclear fusion sciences both in the key domains of magnetic confinement fusion (ITER tokamak and present ToreSupra tokamak) and inertial confinement fusion (LMJ laser and present LIL laser). Taking up this energetic challenge requires the understanding and the reproducing of the extreme conditions which rule the stars and therefore requires to control ionized matter, called plasmas, which compose the so-called fourth state of matter ubiquitous in the universe.
This master program gathers 6 partners located on three geographical sites in France (Marseille, Bordeaux, Nancy) which are jointly involved in a curriculum based on a four quarter system. The first quarter starting in September is composed with a core group of basic modules on the plasmas and major scientific and technological issues of plasmas and fusion ; the second and the following quarters starting in November differentiate into three pathways:

  • Magnetic confinement fusion and magnetized plasmas (MCF)
  • Inertial confinement fusion and dense plasmas (ICF)
  • Physics and Technologies of plasmas and fusion (PTP)

The third quarter, in February, gathers the students from the four sites either in Cadarache or in Bordeaux, close to the large fusion equipments Tore Supra and LMJ. The last quarter which extends from March to August consists of a mentored research project in a physics or industrial lab, with at the end writing of a research thesis and its oral defense.

Connexion with the european master’s programme Fusion-EP: a student who has chosen to be trained in France during his second year of his master’s programme (which is focussed on both physics and technoly aspects of magnetic confinement fusion) will have a common curriculum with the master’s programme SFP. NB: a student enrolled in an European master programme has to be trained by  three education institutions with  two European countries at least.